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Show how dedicated fan you are! Send us your sketch / picture / painting / video / drawing / whatever of Aletta, and your work will be published if it meets the criteria. Click here to send us the note, we will send you the email address to send your work.
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This sketch was sent by Raj, thanks!

10 Replies to “Are you an artistic fan? Submit fan art!”

  1. I see beautiful pictures in your honor. That’s just me do not see how you like my picture to send. All the figures look pretty cute. If you want to buy for yourself a beautiful portrait, then you can help one of contemporary artists. You find an artist on an Internet. Lol

  2. Aletta, I’m sorry that I write to you with errors. I don’t know very well English. All words and sentences translator translates the program, so don’t misunderstand me. I’ll write your message in general. Once again sorry for that. Lol

  3. Ohhhh the arts knows beautiful pornstar is you…
    And i realize when the first time i knew about you you know my life has change,,,,,,, i can feel happy, soft and great…. i can feel that because i always watching your movie and colletion your picture on my mobile, my album, and my heart…. you’re my best pornstar,, Alleta you’ve help me to knowing about amazing sex,enjoy masturbation…… Thank you Alleta.. I love You……..

  4. What loser would sketch a picture of you? Wasn’t that an honor in the old days? He must want to suck the cum from your mouth, fuckin fagg0t!111 Oh wait, he just traced everything. Nevermind. No amount of surgery will make you Angelina Jolie, pig!

  5. |Really beautiful those pics, mostly the last one, it makes me realize that you seem like Angelina!
    But i need to agree juank, nothing compares to your beauty, so these pics are nothing on you…

    Welll… i´m already here, so … I tryed to make some contacts with some pornstars like Manuel Ferrara, but they never send me nothing back. I´m from Brazil, and I really like porn. So, it would be good to receive a email from you. I would really enjoy to meet a pornstar…

    Thnx from the attention!!!

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