28 Replies to “Fan art #2 – Digital Aletta”

  1. Here are pictures! Who are you so beautifully painted? Excellent skills in Photoshop to edit. You look very nice and lively. I’m not so sure I can. You can make these T-shirts and sell them.

  2. Very beautiful pictures and I liked it. Masterful artistry of the great artist is finally implemented in these pictures. I’m happy for you Aletta. Maybe you want to make a porn cartoon?

  3. What is wrong with you aletta?? I wanna to see more double anal with you.. Y;re my queen of anal so prove it !! C’ mon Aletta we are waitin’ for best anal scene ever !!

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you ever meet with your fans? at a convention or other places. I’d love to meet you.
    I think you’re the most beautiful woman in this industry. If you’d like I can be reached at my e-mail at Karmelust@yahoo.com or at my number 831-809-1267. I’d love to get to know you better.

  5. Woooowww it was alsome Alleta… ohhh God’s you make me fire Alleta…
    Amazing pornstar is you….. You’re Great…. Nice Pussy beautiful coconut titty on that you have……!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love You Alleta Ocean……. Brooks

  6. Adem├ís de tu belleza total……….eres apasionada………sexual…..sensual ..y….DULCE.

    No tengo mas palabras para describirte

  7. wowwh wat a women. god has created such sexxxxxy angel to this earth to satisy the bledy mens..hey guys here is your dream girl. uuuummmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh.take my kiss aletta darlimg.

  8. Wait.. are you gonna FUCK one of these nerdy fans for drawing you? Wow, they must reaaally wanna suck the cum out your mouth. *shutters*

  9. Simply beautiful, from Colombia, i am your fan # 1, you are a dream, you are more beautiful than Angelina Jolie, you are a poem of beauty.

  10. Aleeta u r so sexy nd cute…..but leave this pornstars job…..plz….fame is not everthing……i m also ur Big BIg Fan….but i m so jealous when u r doing xxx….plz n for God sake leave this job….plz plz plz plz plz……..U r GOd Gifted Beauty but u cannot use her beauty in wrong way….i hope u understand my feeelings…..take care…….

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