Dildo & golden shower combo

“Today our story is about a whip, a bitch and a dildo, and we will see their connection and relationship with each other. Doris, the bitch, spanks herself and pets herself until the point where she cannot wait any longer and takes that dildo and fucks herself with it! The self-fucking was so good for her that she was exhausted for long after her little action!”

Aletta and Leipidoptera

Lepidoptera and Doris are good friends. They often sit down, talk and share their thoughts with each other. This time Lepidoptera even shares her love juices with Doris. Um.. Girls, do you often do squirt? If yes, can we come more often to ‘talk’ to ya?

Aletta & Sandra – The Whip(ee)

Doris wanted to punish Sandra because the last time they met Sandra was too arrogant, and Doris doesn’t like that at all! Doris whipped Sandra, and forced her to clean up, but that was only a trick, and also the part of the lesson! If someone knows from the beginning that you are not serious about punishing, then the whole process is not worth anything. But that wasn’t it… Sandra had to satisfy Doris’ hungry pussy. And so she did, but it didn’t really seem to be a punishment…

Aletta and Ksara

Aletta’s best girlfriend is Ksara, and they decided they want to deepen their relationship, and the only way to do that is to make lesbian love with each other. So, how deep is their love now?

Aletta and Melissa


Aletta and Melissa. Look at those beautiful buns, aren’t those the sexiest thing since Jennifer Lopez’ ass in 1999? And that’s only ass, what bad can I say about the tits? Perfection!