Sensual Lesbo Dance (vid)

I’m heading to a swingers’ party with my girlfriend Aleksa. I love to party with her, we usually end up drunk, giggling, and fucking each other in the toilet. This time we started our party with a sensual lesbian dance… that happened to be so mind-blowing that most of the guys got a hard-on right away. We only had to choose from them and so did our unusual night at the swinger’s club begin!

Bathroom fun

Bubbly and foamy, slippery and wet… I love to have a bubble bath especially on rainy, cold afternoons like this. How good it feels to soak for hours until my skin is velvety smooth… and how good it feels to get myself all wet and horny! So follow me to the bathroom, I’ll show you how I work on my slippery cunt!

Birthday Party with Aleska Diamond

Last night we were celebrating our good old friend’s Zenza Raggi’s birthday! We had a little private surprise party for him with me and Aleska Diamond. We bought him a nice birthday cake and my idea was that he should eat it off my silicone beauties:) Zenza loved it and after finishing off the cake we gave him a nice cock treatment with Aleska…
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Office Relaxation Technique

What would you do if you were so stressed by work and the high hopes of the stunning boss are too hard to reach? Well… I would say, fuck it, or fuck them to be more proper… And that’s just what they ended up doing, everyone on the conference table fucking the brains out of each other until the stress level exited their bodies and spewed into the mouth of beautiful busty sex goddesses.
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Hot Moresome Anal Action

Zenza Raggi wants to take his hands on Aletta Ocean’s holiday resort for a long time now. Aletta doesn’t want to sell it and she had enough of the harass so she made up a simple and joyful plan to make Zenza quit. Could you guess what Aletta’s plan is? We won’t tell you now so you’ll have to check the video if you wanna know but we can assure you that a lot of sex is involved!
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Masturbating next to the jacuzzi

What will we get if we pair a jacuzzi with a bored sex fiend like Aletta Ocean? Not only massage bath of course! So Aletta’s campaign thought of the day was to get relaxed in her jacuzzi. Fortunately for us she got bored of the situation quite fast so she quickly got undressed to caress her wet pussy and picked her pink dildo to fuck herself! Download the full video from AlettaOceanEmpire:

Aletta dildoing herself with a big dildo

After her pussy being done by Kid Jamaica, Aletta Ocean was craving for more huge black dicks. But until she finds the right victim again a big fat black dildo will do for her too! So she went to the local sex shop and got herself huge one. Don’t hesitate to see how this gorgeous babe devours that monstrous black vibrator pushing it in and out her hungry cunt until she gets satisfied! Download the full movie from