15 Replies to “Experienced Seducer”

  1. I would first be shy to talk to you 🙂 , then i will come up to you in a nervous wreck and ask you out, then invite you either to your place or mine :P, then when you are about to leave, i will hold your hand in such a way that you know what i want and then ill pull u toward me and get a taste of those succulent, sexy lips , then we all know what will happen after :P… (*)(*)

  2. Aletta, please, don’t continue on porn, this is a bad and not glamorous job, you’re beautiful and you can find another job….if your boyfriend want’s that you continue on porn then he doesn’t love you…

  3. Hello. I would like to take Aletta on a fabulous walk in Warsaw in day time, show her the Old Town, then took her on a wine degustation with a sommelier and a polish dish in one of the restaurants, just after that i would like to visit the Warsaw Phillharmonic Orchestra on a jazz concert and just after that told her, that i’m honored to spent a day with such magnificent and beautiful women like she, and ask her if she would like to watch the sunset with me.

  4. I’d invite her to a romantic candle light dinner, then I think to go somewhere or do something that was agreeable to both, I would find out what she likes and what she does not like I try to forget the fact that she is an actress and treat her the beautiful woman she is I’ll try to have a good conversation with her
    of course I would praise her, not only speak of her beautiful body but it has also speak of her wonderful eyes speak a little about myself so she would not be talking to a complete stranger, then I would take it home and maybe something else happens 🙂 or ask if she like our time together and if I could see her again.

  5. If I were a millionaire, I’d like pay necessary money to spend a day with you. You’re the jewel that crowned beauty. You’re the lady of my thoughts when I go to bed. Sweet dreams, Aletta.

  6. I`d ask you to you invite me to travel aroud the world becouse i dont have enough money. lol. I think you have done it but i think i can show her a diferent way to spend time =)

  7. alata, is the seductive woman that is in the porn industry! so well groomed! just a true woman, love all her work!
    thank you,

  8. Dear Aletta,

    I m your fan you are beautiful, i become a fan after seen your move fuckhard18 i this film you do massage seen you look so good,

    madam aletta

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