17 Replies to “Photo Shoot – ‘On My Face’ part 1”

  1. Szerintem te vagy az eddigi legszexisebb magyar lány, sokáig nem is tudtam hogy magyar vagy.

    Facebook-on elérhető vagy?


  2. Alletta is the most beautiful sensuous sexy and seductive girl I have ever seet eyes on and I would dearly love to meet her, or at least have more photos or dvd’s of her

  3. Aletta, I wish you would’ve never had any plastic surgery done or been in porn. You are and were far too beautiful of a woman to degrade yourself to the lustful fantasies of plethoras of men, including mine. I wish you the best though, I’ve scarcely met or seen a woman in my life who can compare to your beauty. Good luck, see ya in the pit!

  4. Aletta, love you and love to suck your boobs and pussy. You are sexiest porn star of the century. Love your seductive actions. Want to fuck you hard.

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