7 Replies to “Aletta’s duality”

  1. I am very glad that you have all the new stories about sex. You know the Internet very much your site and always a new story I am downloading with great pleasure. Thank you once again for the opportunity to feel that orgasm and you too. Lol

  2. i love aletta ocean a lot i love her style her body her face , you are very good & sexy girl aletta , i wish play a porno movie 1 day so you help me fir it or give me some info how can i be

  3. Considering Aletta Ocean to be the ultimate men’s dream in porn, she may fuck as many men as she likes. Aletta is the only one to restrict the number, as it is her body which she offers us so generously in her movies. The nice thing about Aletta is that I know there is a real woman, real character, real living human being inside a fantasy that most men want, but is not reachable. So, in a sense, she is a dream come real and also a real dram, in so far that only a very few lucky guys may come near enough to enjoy all she has to offer. So, Aletta, go on giving us those dreams, for that is the nearest thing to reality we can get.

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