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Are you really an Aletta fan? Here is your chance to ask anything you want from your favorite porn star! Send your questions with your name and location by clicking here or on the picture above. Subject: “question for Aletta”.
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  1. hello aletta. I love you just for yourself. Because you’re beautiful and lovely. I wish I could see you once. I am from Iran. I love you I love you I love you…….. I want your email address and phone number. Please give me answer( email address and phone number ) thanks. Always love you aletta and I’m waiting for answer.

  2. hello aletta. I am Iranian and I am interested in you. This is your only interest. Because you very beautiful and lovely you are. I wish I could see you once and tell you I love you, love. Please e-mail address and send me your phone number. I expect to see your message. ‘re Always in my heart. And I love you. Baby I’m waiting for your message. Goodbye and hope to visit.

  3. hey Aletta.. i had never knew the name earlier before.. but one day i had come to notice about whose that lady with this name..then i realize that its an angel alive on Earth somewhere… i am since then in deep love twith you .. i am Engineer by profession in Multinational company and 25yrs of age.. i am 6′ tall and looking for a precious girl like you .. will you marry me.
    i hope you do reply me soon as if possible … its just a really dream to have you in my whole life after life.

  4. Hey Alettta,i want to smell your asshole and lick it,and my friend wants to marry you,what should we do?
    also I want to cum into your face and my friend wants to kiss your lips and say BABY,DON’T TALK WITH STRANGE MEN AND COME BACK HOME SOON,PLEASE.what should we do?
    We are both police officers and we can take you toa jail cell and do as i said above.
    Also Maziar,the shorter one,doesn’t want to sex with you beacause he’s a little bit nervous and he’s shy.he’s a religious guy and in his prayers he pray for you all the time.please sent us your bath time video and bed time video.Maziar is muslim and you must put on scarf.

  5. Hello my aletta!
    I am so special bad fucker and want to be with you for a llong time
    i think if we have some babies and could live together under a ceiling we can make the best our lifetime and spend our time as well as we can.
    Oh my aletta ! send me your answer fast!

  6. Hi Aletta, youre new fake tits and lips are great!
    I notice you really like to modify your body with plastic surgery, i love this aspect of you.
    I think that one day tou could try another upgrade, new bigger tits and new bigger lips!
    Do you agree with me?

    I love you


  7. Hi aletta,

    I am an indian , i am really impressed with your ass , i want to fuck u in my bed , mail me the rime and date , i am wainting for your early reply

  8. Hey Aletta i bought a blue CD one day just that i wanted for excitement and ther you were saying I LOVE FUCKING and these words got me stuck to you that every time my cock gets erscted i see your movie you are indeed very lovely and sure know how to tame a hard cock and the way your lips are i just love it Aletta such a lovely creation of a lady for fuckin I LOVE YOU ALETTA

  9. This isn’t really a question…but, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. No doubt in my mind. You must be a goddess, because nothing mortal could truely be as perfect as you! <3

  10. Greetings Aletta!
    I would like to know, what makes you more horny? Your profession or the fact that thousands of men masturbate by watching you? ;p

  11. Hi, Aletta. I know you are very busy, but hope you can give me at least one minute of your time for answering me the following question: How do you feel when you are penetrated simultaneously by two handsome and strong men? I have always had this curiosity.

    That´s all. Greetings from Spain.

  12. I don´t have your phone number. I want to make a film with you for my web. the idea is fucking on the street. Send me a email if you are interested.

  13. hi aletta, last week i saw one of your movie with my wife, we’re young, 29 years old both, we have sex a lot, and you’re an inspiration, you’re really and absolutely beautiful, you have an angel face… i like very much your ass, soft, white and pink, amazing; what can i say of your pussylips, lovely, a little bit spread.
    i never see at my wife turn on with one girl, but you’re not only a girl, you’re a dream…
    greetings from Madrid, Spain

  14. hahaa some of these questions are so funny, as if u would marry or meet any of them – you stupid dip shits she gets paid to fuck so why would she do you for free?
    you would have to rape her to make her fuck you – she cant say no with a dick in her mouth can she!

  15. You have the most amazing eyes ever. Gorgeous face. It’s hard to stop looking at you sometimes. I sent you an email asking if you ever come to visit Boston, if so I would love to meet you in person. What fan of yours wouldn’t lol. i was almost going to sign up for twitter just to follow you but couldn’t bring myself to do it. You’re ridiculously hot and any man who gets to be in your presence is a lucky mothafucka lol. Have you ever talked to someone with a Bostonian accent? By the way I love your accent it’s very sexy. Well, i hope to hear back from you sometime. take care xoxo


  17. hi
    im form iran-esfahan .
    wis you would come to iran .
    if i hav a date with you how much would charge .
    please let me now
    i`m waiting 🙂

  18. I cannot believe you are not a model for make-up for eyes you have such a unique eye color. I know Hungarians in general have 25% of the worlds green eyes but what makes you stand out from European woman hell women in general is your amazing eyes. Good luck in your career 🙂

  19. my question is to know your email address or your account on Facebook to direct contact with you .
    secondly from my love and admiration for your performance very wonderful I want to ask you to request and I hope you non-repudiation I want to invite you to visit me in Egypt Egypt and to identify how pretty she is like you and her wonderful culture and its people, which is how beautiful and loves you. I ask you to accept my invitation, please
    thanks for reading and responding me and accept my invitation

  20. its been so long that no body commented,, but its your fault as you are so hot and beautiful that every one forgets everything after watching you.

  21. hi BB hru i am scofiled i love you send me you telephone nember or call me +213776385968 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. i love you aletta ocean from last 4 yrs… iam the biggest fan ever inthe world of u.. i.. i can sacrifice my whole life for u because i a in love with u from first sight…

    if u read this e mail me on………………………………………

    i am always ther for you only……………………………………..

  23. Dear Aletta
    I am from chennai, India. A keen watcher of all your movies,. What makes you stand apart is the beautiful face, mesmering eyes, sensous lips, slender body, voluptous figure, smooth thighs and clean private parts. Smooth skin and slender figure are a real turn on and you are really blessed with all attractions. BOB HOPE once said that brridgette bardot’s parents must be given a prize for best architects. Same appreciation holds good for you. Please bring out variations in your performance by enacting story led scenes, which will give a real pleasure and arouse the audience. foreplay plays an important role and you should indulge in such foreplay before getting into hard core action. Become a vegetarian , practise YOGA and you will be amazed to find that you are able to retain vitality and vigour when you enter into your middle age.

  24. I love you aletta,i can’t live without u please ,and i will daieng if i did’nt see you please,you my sule and my lady,my angle ,,,im jad from nerwy i like you so much and i ready for all thing u want please,,now im sik because i cant eat and dring ,im very tierd with you please . my number telifon;
    0047 96 98 31 54 im wait please please

  25. you are the worlds beauty. i can’t say in words about you, i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you so much………… please i want to meet you please give me your email address and mobile number i hope you and waiting for your reply………

  26. hai aletta how are you..iam big fan of you.i love you very much.i like your movies and boobs,lips …what a wonderful woman you are…you are very beautiful,i like your expressions,can you please send me your contact details to my mail id,please send me your contact details..i will die for your are my everything…i don’t know how many fans you have..iam the special one ..don’t forget me aletta,send me contact details please…….ok bye take care have a grear day….hope your reply..

  27. aletta i want to lick your pussy amd asshole and want to suck your boobs fuck you hard i want put my dick in your pussy and ass hole your are very fucking babe.

  28. Hey Aletta ! I am a very big fan of yours for a long time! And I would love you to do a scene with Nikki Benz! Or Angelina Valentine or Madison Ivy 😉 NIKKI BENZ PRIORITY 😀 That would be awesome and the scene would be ….. I’m hallucinating :O You’d enjoy a lot of people doing that, thank you very much! Love

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