4 Replies to “Heavy Bomber”

  1. Hi Aletta! You are the best in the porn art. I have not seen such explicit porn actresses like you. You are the most passionate and outspoken. Only you know how to perform it solo and except you no one else can. You are the most blatant sex-bomb on Earth. Good luck and thanks for the solo. 🙂

  2. you are a sexy kitty ever. What really drives me crazy about you is your spicy boobs and hot ass! Your pretty fluffy melons makes me feel so horny… And your ass made feel like so heated… Your hot stuff make me follow you back on Twitter and Facebook! You have excellent body, Nice curves, Perfect measurements and Cracking hot boobies with perfect tits… I’ve seen ever! I visits your website daily and your pics makes me crazy about you… lol!

  3. Wow Aletta such a nice body I also masturbate with you. You are an unusual porn star. My dream is have sex with you. I kiss you and your hot body. )

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