12 Replies to “Not a Bookworm”

  1. This solo is very pleasant to me and I enjoyed your masturbation. You limit of my dreams and I want you always. I kiss your pussy. 🙂

  2. BORING!
    Aletta looks good with her new look, but she needs to have a Black man pounding her right not some little dildo.
    Aletta Ocean needs to do a blowbang with the brothas on BroBang.com covering her face in Black dicks and Black men’s cum like makeup!
    She needs to do a All-Black Men Bukkake. Wespley Pipes, Shane Diesel, Sean Micheals, Lex Steele, Mr. Marcus, Prince EA, Justin Slayer, Yashua, all the Blackest brothas to stain her filthy because she’ll love it all!

  3. You must absolutely change that hair cut, you’re so pretty with your natural hair, like in the Glam Queen shooting, and We all love it when you tight your hair,

    Changes can be good, but this one really sucks

    And where did you get that necklace???? Definitely the winner of the most horrible necklace in the history of porn, sorry

    The rest is fine you’re gorgeous, and you never been so good in the scenes, keep on rockin


    But Aletta, you need to get pounded by tons of more Black men all at once and get your face and pussy covered in Black men’s cum.

    Get Rico the Destroyer in that lineup too.

  5. Love to see Aletta taking a piss shower from a lot of black men after they roughly fuck her and destroy her tits face and pussy, then bukkake all over her like on brobang and write all over her “Black Cocks Only” and then piss all over her and creampie her 50 times.

  6. That was very sweet Rico what a poet!! It’s a good thing you didn’t piss on Aletta 3 years ago when you meet her…

    We all love Aletta that’s why were here, some dig her new hair cut, some don’t

    to @”alettafan”: scatophilia is definitely not my thing, sorry

  7. All white women worship black men and their big black cocks.
    God made it that way.
    Nothing you little whiteboys can do about it.

  8. Aletta Ocean was made for Black Men and taking Big Black Cocks to destroy her and bathe in their black cum. Same for all white women but especially Aletta!

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