Special Pay-Day at Work

In this totally hardcore scene Aletta Ocean takes on the role of a strict interior designer who co-ordinates the building of a new luxury villa. Unfortunately her blueprints weren’t the best so the workers fucked up lots of things… Aletta to cover her mistakes offers her 4 workers a special treat if they help her in correcting the mistakes which they accept happily because who doesn’t want to fuck this silicone goddess?! Come and check out how Aletta is being handled by 4 day labourers and see her pussy getting fucked by two massive cocks simultaneously. Click here for free pictures of this set.

7 Replies to “Special Pay-Day at Work”

  1. If I would rather be a famous future English pornographic actor who portray myself as a worker and Aletta Ocean’s 4 workers will have sex with the strict interior designer portrayed by Aletta Ocean at the building of a new luxury villa in this totally hardcore scene two years ago on November 12th 2010, I’d have Aletta Ocean.

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