The devil in Aletta (part 1)

Aletta Ocean really knows how to get all information for her country. She captivated Soldier Jamaica and she does everything to investigate him. Flogging, smacking and other physical abuses are no use, so she injects special chemicals into his veins that would leave him bewildered, unsure of what’s reality and what’s his nightmare…

4 Replies to “The devil in Aletta (part 1)”

  1. Hi Aletta, don’t know if you received my former mai, anyway, saw no comment. So, to repeat shortly, will you please make some more scenes in which you piss. I would really like that. Just in the style of Zafira, who also urinates in a lot of videos.
    I love your breasts, they are nicely shaped , even if they are a bit huge. But then again, they belong to Aletta all the same.
    Looking forward for a reaction.
    Kind regards.

  2. Hi Aletta! I like wathing on you. You are the best porn actress for me. You really nice playing in this movies.
    I wish you nice to meet this New Year! Play more in this movies. I believe in you! Happy New year! Bye!

  3. What I also like very much are the behind the scene movies. Although not quite as private as they suggest to be, they give another look at you. Especially scenes as were you learn how to drive a car, walk along the Danube river or in an amusement park are fun, not to forget the behind the scenes for the movies you make. Please continue this fine material. This is very entertaining.

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