Treats for the Fan

Toby is Aletta’s number one fan, and as an appreciation of his loyalty, he gets a special treat, a ‘package’, which consist of things we all would like to receive.
You can also get this treat, all you have to do is signup and enjoy!
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13 Replies to “Treats for the Fan”

  1. hai aletta i have watched all of your movies it was awesome ,extraordinary performance of you , and i really want to see you and sex with you ,, this my ambition

  2. Hi, u are cute. I’m from Bolivia, and i would like to know u better, why don’t be friends.
    PD. Sorry for my english, but here spanish is the official language

  3. Hi aletta
    i m one of many of your fans,im arabic man,from name is Kamel…
    i wana just to tell you that you can t imagine how much im crazy about you,your talent,videos,body….
    well…i konw that you hear every day may be,what i m talking to you…but if i write to s just to say : Thanks for what you give me as pleasur when i see your perfect body move …
    i hope that you continues as one of great and most famous porn actrice ans i hope to accepte me,not just as fan..but also as friend
    im waiting for your answer Sunny..
    thank you a lot

  4. After all the Tagline of this page of yours is : ” A REAL FAN GETS A REAL TREAT..”..
    YOU know what i Keep trying the “”LAW OF ATTRACTION”” yo get you as i always think of loving and i hope this LAW works otherwise i will lose my faith in SCIENCE.. 🙂

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